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Henna Info

Hennaz Art will have a team of 12 very talented and pro Henna artists doing henna at "Sisters Eid Henna Night".

Only Hennaz Art's 100% natural and organic henna will be used! 
More details below!

Check us out on Instagram @hennazart


Henna Prices


Prices vary from design to design and will be $7 and up for adults and $5 and kids 6 & under!

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Henna turn


~Simply choose your henna artist and sign in your name at their table 

~Wait for your turn by that Artist's table

~Choose your design

~Once done applying henna, your artist will give you a ticket 

~Take your ticket to the front desk and pay accordingly


If you are pregnant and have been feeling sensitive on your skin, ask your artist to use Lavender henna on you!


To get more info on natural henna and to view our Henna Stain Progress 

Follow @hennazartshop on IG 


Just remember!

No Boys over the age of 9 years old are allowed at the event!


General admissions are $3 till june 1st

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