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I am Huda, the founder, and CEO of Hennaz Art. I would rather pick a henna cone than a pencil, as it is the most therapeutic art form for me. I believe that Henna has healing and therapeutic properties, and it truly projects onto the art I create. It took some practice, belief, and mainly immense encouragement from my close family before I decided to take the big leap and start my own business. Since then, I have worked with many clients and businesses in the greater Chicago area, leaving them with an unforgettable henna experience.

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My Journey

Growing up, art always had a significant influence on my life. I used to draw flowers and paisleys and had a keen interest in arts and crafts. I used to sketch Disney characters and paint in kindergarten before I got my hands on henna in 1995 at six. My family was fascinated to see the first Henna sketch I drew on paper. Following that day, I discovered my passion for this beautiful art form, and whenever I found a Henna cone, I just couldn't keep my hands off it.

Thanks to my lovely Nani (Grandmother), who saw my talent during a summer visit to Pakistan and took me to Meena Bazaar, a well-established training center in Karachi, Pakistan. The training allowed me to further nurture my freestyle Henna application  and develop my skills.

At the age of 13, I started to apply Henna professionally and worked part-time till I was 16. 2 years later, I launched my freelance business, Hennaz Art, in 2008. 
Over the years, I have learned to apply Henna from the simplest to the most detailed bridal designs. 

Bridal Henna is the most enjoyable and significant part of applying Henna for me. It's the most precious moment I get to share with a bride. I challenge myself to see through my bride's vision and entertain it with creativity.
In my journey, I have also built excellent relationships with other Henna artists and female entrepreneurs. I enjoy lifting and empowering other female entrepreneurs and love being part of a wholesome community. 



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