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Our Mission

Beautify and uplift women by reviving the natural art of intricate Henna.
Hennaz Art SEHN 2019 Henna Artists

Our Vision

Since its establishment, Hennaz Art has heavily focused on empowering and uplifting women in our local community.

Our goal has always been to work with other Henna artists and female business owners to create a strong sisterhood and spread a positive culture change by bringing women from all walks of life together to work together.

Back To The Roots

At Hennaz Art, we have returned to the old, authentic way of creating a henna paste using chemical-free natural and organic ingredients. Unlike artificial and often harmful dyes that give you instant color, our henna paste will go through its natural process of transitioning from an orange shade to a deep dark stain on your skin within 48 hours.

Explore our services today and discover the true meaning of returning to the roots.

Henna Hands with Henna Paste Hennaz Art
Bridal Client with Henna Artist Nida Hennaz Art_edited.jpg

Why Every Client Matters

At Hennaz Art, we are passionate about sharing our love of henna with everyone we meet. Since we first launched in 2008, we’ve been devoted to offering the highest-quality service. 

Thanks to our amazing clients with whom we’ve built such unique relationships, Hennaz Art has become known for its quality customer service. We look forward to serving the Chicago community for years to come.

Community Projects

Hennaz Art has become an integral part of the local community. Our Henna services are not limited to just weddings and parties. We collaborate and work with non-profit organizations and corporations to celebrate the diversity and cultural vibrance of Henna art.

Regardless of the nature and size of your event, Hennaz art always has both creative and human value to add to your occasion.

Girl Scouts World Thinking Day San Jacinto Council Henna Hennaz Art_edited.jpg
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