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A word from the Host

Just before Eid time, I would do an open house at my place, clients would come and get their Henna done.


I honestly didn't like applying henna at bazaars or salons with men being around and just the atmosphere of these events on the (Night before Eid). I always wished that one day someone from our community would have a sober event with just women around, where I would be able to do henna alongside passionate henna artists. Unfortunately, through all these years, I could never find such an event.


As years passed by and with the growth of @hennazart, help became a necessity and I started getting help from other talented Henna Artists. Just before Eid, I would make henna cones, call a few henna artists at my home and we would apply henna for hours. 


During this time, most of my clients would wish that they would have something to purchase while they got their henna done. And why would they not? Isn't this a time when most of us are looking to finish up last-minute eid shopping? 

It is then that I decided to have a "women's only" event which would highlight the art of henna and provide a shopping experience for the sister's coming to get their henna done. I then reserved a community hall to accommodate 200 women. Apart from arranging talented and passionate henna artists, I was able to arrange some amazing and talented female entrepreneurs and businesswomen for this very first-time event that I would soon have.  I kept praying for the event to be successful and every day Allah opened doors and sisters would email, call or text and ask me if I needed help.

 I was very anxious at first but with the help of Allah, my family, friends and close ones, the event turned out very successful and beyond my expectations.

At the time, we were actually anticipating 500 ladies and around 1000 showed up.

Yes! You read that right. 1000 women (All thanks to God)!   


Through this event, I realized how much we are alike and how much women enjoyed being comfortable getting their henna done in a sister's only zone. That night, I witnessed how our event had turned more into a sister's hub than an expo. 


This year we are expecting the same if not more ladies for our event InShaAllah. Therefore, we have arranged for a bigger venue, which can accommodate  1000 + women. We even made sure to do this event on a Sunday and it works out perfectly with Eid happening 2 - 3 days later, IA.


I am so excited to have you at the "Sister's Eid Henna Night (SEHN)" event and can't wait for you to be a part of our story InShaAllah (God willing)!


Huda Siddiqui

Founder of Hennaz Art


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