Party Henna 

We provide henna services for



Henna Night

Birthday Party

Baby Showers

Spa Party

and many similar events


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Price and Details

 Huda Siddiqui (Lead Artist) 

Rates: $100 per/hour

Designs per hour: 14 - 15 Henna Strips or 8 Medium designs or 4 Large designs



Additional Artist(s) 

Rates: $80 - $100 per/hour for all additional artists 

Designs per/hour: 10 to 14 Henna Strips/ 6 to 8 medium designs/ 3 to 4 large designs


 Service and Travel Fee 

Travel fee will be applied for each artist, depending on the distance they will cover from their location to yours.

1 - 10 miles: $20

11-15 miles: $25

16-20 miles: $30


After 20 miles, $1 will be added to each additional mile and you will be charged for any vicinity or additional parking fee.


 Important Info 

The minimum requirement to hire a henna artist is 2 hours

You will be required to sign a contract via email and pay a  20%  deposit. Your booking will be reserved with us after we have received the signed contract and the deposit. Below are examples of different henna designs done at a party. An artist will do a separate design each time unless asked otherwise.

 Henna Strip 

 Medium Design 

 Large Design 

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