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“The best part of my job is the unique and long-lasting connection I build during our one-on-one Henna sessions with a diverse range of clients. It is truly an honor to positively impact their most joyous and life-changing occasions. I hope and pray I have the health and means to continue to spread smiles of joy through the art of Henna, one design at a time.”

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My Journey

Although Henna was one of the very first forms of creative skills Nida explored at the age of seven, she enjoys a wide variety of fine art. Over the years, she has indulged in sewing, cooking/plating, and baking up to three-tiered fondant cakes with extravagant decor for family and friends. 

Nida completed her undergraduate studies in Business Management at UIC in 2014. She is currently working on acquiring a teaching certificate at Ribaat online Institute and pursuing a Master's degree in Social Work and Public Policy. As our chief operating officer, she oversees activities at every level of the company,  strategizing process improvement to ensure we provide quality and efficiency in all of our services. 

 Applying Henna has always been a therapeutic experience for the client and artist Nida. She believes that just like food, Henna brings people together. Not only does it put color and life onto bare skin, but it also illuminates people's hearts and is used as a form of healing. 


I love to discuss new ideas and opportunities.
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