Shehzadi Bride 
$325 (3.5 hours)

Shehzadi Bride ($300).jpg
#eidhenna on _inayah926 _The best part a

You want your henna to be detailed and heavy but up to the elbow is just not your thing. You are the Shehzadi who settles for halfway up your forearm, just because it's Classy!





 Package includes 


Detailed Henna design on both arms (front and back) 1/2 forearm

A henna design on feet (up to the ankle)


Service and Travel Fee

Depending on the distance, a travel fee will be applied accordingly

Up to 5 miles: $20

6-10 miles: $25

11-15 miles: $30

16 - 20 miles: $40

After 20 miles, $1 will be added to each additional mile and you will be charged for any vicinity or additional parking fee.