Maharani Bride 
$600 (6 +/- hours) $525 (Without feet)

Hennaz Art Maharani Bridal Henna Feet

This package is for the bride who wants henna in all its grandeur with all its traditional and minute details. The time it takes to apply this style is absolutely worth it which literally will make you feel like a Maharani!



Package includes


Intricate and heavy Henna on both arms (front and back), elbow to fingertips

Heavy Henna on both tops of feet, 3 to 4 inches from above the ankle to toes. 

Some brides like to go with less Henna on the feet. Let us know if you would like less henna on your feet or a simpler design and we will give you a quote accordingly.

Ex: Up to the ankle, simpler design up to the ankle, Henna on sides of the feet, Mandala with Henna on the toes.


Service and Travel Fee

Depending on the distance, a travel fee will be applied accordingly

0-5 miles: $30

6-10 miles: $40

11-15 miles: $50

16-20 miles: $60

Downtown Chicago : $120

After 20 miles, $1 will be added to each additional mile and you will be charged for any vicinity or additional parking fee.